I cant keep talking here about Egypt without talking about my Brazilian friends.. I met people from Russia til Argentina (in order to the left) but without any doubts the brazilians marked a difference in my life.

I owe them so much, i learned a lot of things..
My very best English, to start. I spoke English my whole life, but it was from them where i actually learned THE CORRECT ENGLISH!.

Words and expressions, i learned the whole package.

What i thought it was mushroom, its actually called CHAMPION; we also have POPULAR PEOPLE which i knew before as poor people or low class;  i learned how to pronounce pyramids, its “pairamids”, we also have RECALCKED which i cant translate yet into any language. Its also important you know that if you add “tion” to any portuguese word, it will automatically become an english word; and last but not least, the “E, I and Y” issue. All the English words have an invisible e, i or y , it can be in the middle or most commonly at the end, here some examples.
Facebook:  “FaceyBooky”
Notebook:  “NoteyBooky”
Laptop”  “LapeTope”

And some of ’em CH instead of T
Internet:  “Interneche”
Sprite:  “Spriche”

And my favorite one, which gathers both of the cases,
Ice Tea:  “Icey Che”

Besides that, i extended my portuguese vocabulary with very important expressions like “VEM PRO PAPAI”, “VAI SE FODER”; words like “VADIA, SAFADA, PIRANHA” and all the nice synonyms, ” PORRA”, “CARALHO” and all the family of this words..

I also learned that Brazil É FODA and Portugal sucks!

I learned that family is not necessarily by blood (not funnyyyy!!)

And best part!!.. I learned how to be a brazilian and became one, but not ANY brazilian, Carioca/Gaucha/Paulista, taking the best of each and applying it.

I drank Chimarrao every night and beers every weekend, i added bad words to every portuguese sentence and sang funk in the shower, and i have to accept, sometimes my RR failed (ok, not the best of aaaaall of ’em)


Since i arrived here i’ve been wondering why i liked Egypt better that Brazil, and now i finally have the answer.. It’s not egyptians or crappy houses, either camels or Korneish…. IT WAS YOU GUYS! The best part of Brazil was with me, becoming the best part of my life.

So, for the English and Portuguese lessons, cultural knowledge and just being there with me, THANK YOU!


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21 Reasons to LOVE Alex and Surrounds..

1. The mix of Shisha and Coke is even better than Cookies with milk.. And you can even have it on the floor of a bar with colorful pillows

2. Its impossible to eat too much falafel… 1 pound each!!!

3. You never know when’s weekday and when is weekend.. Everyday looks like friday

4. You can drink Red Label JOHN WARDER Special Edition

5. You can ride a Camel instead of a bike

6. Everything is a photograph

7. Listen “Shakira” and “Ai se eu te pego” everywhere you go and people actually singing it


9. They call mondays, HAPPY MONDAYS and is happy hour the whole day in bars

10. You will never know enough about its History

11. Amazing colors in women’s clothes… How can they look so pretty without showing their hair?

12. Watch Koreish dancing

13. You can have a vitaminfull lunch for 5 pounds: Koshari

14. Its really hard to sustain a bad mood

15. Prepare your bathing suit for Sharm and your snow coat for Mount Sinai

16. People will love you without knowing you yet

17. Tram, “slowly but fun”

18. Not even Gabriel García Marquez (Best Colombian Writer) could have described the tunnels of the Citadel.

19. You can eat “Borio” and “Snicka” shake

20. The desert and the beach in the same place

21. People with energy on their blood (Heiba)

For those who still think Egypt is only 40 degrees the whole time and museums, i just can say, enjoy this while it lasts..

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Hello world!

To start describing Egypt seems impossible!.. The thing with this country is that ‘Or you hate it or you love it (like i think is my case)’.

The experience begins when you go out of the airplane and you have to start to communicate by signs. Looking like a retarded, kind of turns into a habit.

I’ve been in: Cairo, gray and brown with pyramids tha left me speechless. Alex, BORING hahaha, colorful, happy, with so much history, combined with an incredible sea. Sharm, NO WORDS!, i dont wanna cry..  But its not that what makes Egypt so special.

Till now…. I rode a Camel, i danced Shakira with a bunch of egyptians, i went to the beach with jeans and boots, i saw girls with BURKA in the sea, i sat on the floor of a bar to smoke sheesha, i spent a Brazilian Christmas in Montazah. All those things you just cant imagine you’re gonna live one day; but STILL its not that…

I kissed an egyptian and punched one too, i witness an indian’s first drunkness and first party, i threw up on an egyptian cab, i wore a veil, i’ve had the worst food ever and i actually got used to it, i wake up everyday with someone yelling in arabic and i even like it better than my phone’s alarm, i’ve lived in a crappy house without flush (Yes! I’m still living there) with the best roommates ever; but guess what, is still not that what makes me love Egypt..

I wanna say its all the brazilians i met here what makes me love Egypt; but even though i criticize and fight with each of em’ everyday, it’s THE EGYPTIAN PEOPLE what have done of this experience something never-to-be-forgotten. Since the fights till the hugs, everything, has just changed my life.

I’m really thankful with all of you guys, who have made of everyday i spend here, the best day of my life.

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